“Nerites” - Piece by Philip McDermott

Named after the Greek god of snails, “Nerites” is a simple game in which you play as a snail that travels through a barren land, but as the player makes their way through they bring life to the otherwise dead area. Trees start to sprout when the player explores the area. The piece with through some evolutions and adaptions to due COVID-19 and serves, myself as the the creator as a reminder that if there is a will then there is a way and we shouldn’t let the current state of things in any trying time to stop us from making art. The piece exists to reinforce how important each and every part of the natural world is, even the smallest snail, and also speaks to how the natural world has changed from being untouched by man to being almost entirely modified in some way, whether it be clearing a forest and replanting it or simply things like wiping out a whole area to pave a parking lot, or on an even bigger scale making a whole city.
Screenshot from Game
Use WASD to move and mouse to look around
Link to Piece - https://simmer.io/@Philip60789/nerites